Department of Education

Concurrent bachelor’s/MAT degree

Brown undergraduates can apply to earn a BA or BS in a subject field (English, history, math, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and allied concentrations) and MAT degree in 5 years.

Our MAT program prepares you to meet the needs of structurally disadvantaged students and systems, with a year-long residency in an urban school, personalized coaching, and rigorous and relevant coursework. Applying during your Brown undergraduate years allows teacher education faculty to advise you in content preparation and guide you toward enriching experiences and opportunities working with youths. It also allows you to take up to two of the graduate courses in your first four years, providing more opportunities during your residency year for additional learning opportunities and experiences. Learn more about the MAT program here.  

Brown undergraduates can apply through the Education Department during their junior year. During their first four years, candidates must complete all baccalaureate requirements and may take up to two of the required graduate courses. In their fifth year, they will complete the remaining required graduate courses, including the one-year teaching residency. The minimum requirements to complete both degrees are 36 credits, of which a maximum of two may count toward the bachelor’s degree and the MAT degree.  

Brown undergraduates who become interested in teaching during their senior year can still apply for the MAT program to do a 5th year at Brown

For more information, use this form to connect with a staff member. 

Submit this application and supporting documents by April 1st of your junior year.