Department of Education

Essential Questions Courses and College Preparation

Courses focus around big questions that encourage students to create new knowledge, practice relevant skills and take action.

English: How do characters come of age? How do we and the characters in the novel navigate the issues of climate change and the histories of indigenous people? We will read, write and discuss ways in which nature, freedom and survival are integral to the dystopian society in this novel.

Science: How can we develop solutions to limit the impact of technological waste on our world? Computers, cell phones, electric car batteries, solar panels...What happens to all these things when they no longer function? Who is most impacted by this waste? This year, BSHS students will explore the composition of the technological devices that exist in our everyday lives and consider how this waste impacts our world. Working in Brown University science laboratories. Students will develop their understanding of how science and engineering can address these challenges.  

Social Studies: What moves people to take civic action and fight for change in their societies? How have different ideas and understandings about freedom, justice and struggle shaped and influenced movements for social change? Each year different movements will be studied and therefore students can attend and take social studies in more than one summer.

College Readiness

The Future is Now

While at Brown Summer High School, students will have the opportunity to hear from BSHS alumni about their experiences in the program and how it prepared them for life after high school. Students will hear from a diverse panel of college students about their pathways to and through college. Additionally, students and families are invited to hear college admissions professionals speak about the application process, how to choose a college or university that is right for them, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in college. Each summer there is an optional evening visit to a college fair at Brown that is attended by hundreds of regional and national colleges. These experiences are in addition to the resources and mentorship that BSHS teachers can provide throughout the summer and beyond.