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Essential Questions Courses and College Preparation

Courses focus on big questions that encourage students to create new knowledge, practice relevant skills, and take action.


How does our perspective shape what we see? 

We will consider the perspectives, choices, and allegiances that we hold and make, as well as those of people and characters that we read about. We will read and create poems, stories, songs, and videos. We will develop our skills in description, narration and written portraiture. 


What does it mean to be “good” at math?

Why are some people “good” at math while others hate it? Did you ever wonder why some people say they love math and others can’t stand it? Did you know that we can change our relationship with math? This summer, we will investigate how we feel about math and how we can cultivate our love of the subject while exploring open response math problems using web-based resources and good ol’ paper and pencil.  


How can science empower us to address climate change and fight for climate justice?

We see the impacts of climate change all around us.  Extreme weather events like storms and droughts are becoming more severe, sea levels are rising, biodiversity is declining, and the ocean is becoming more acidic.  Climate change is also a social justice issue because the burden of these challenges is not borne equally across all communities.  Which communities are facing the worst effects of climate change?  What are the root causes of climate change?  Which solutions will make the greatest difference?  Students will walk away with a plan for what they can do to become part of the movement for climate justice.

Social Studies: 

What roles do superheroes play in American history and culture?

What superheroes do we need the most in 2021 and why? Black Panther and Wonder Woman need your help in creating the ultimate social-justice-oriented superhero team! In this course, you will learn the histories of some of the most important Marvel and DC superheroes in U.S. history. Along with Black Panther and Wonder Woman, you will investigate the histories of Dani Moon, Shang-Chi, Mighty Rebekah, Renee Montoya, and Ice Man. You will then use these histories to create original superheroes who represent your own identity, community, and perspective. We will work as a team to create our own superhero team needed to defend America and the world against the dangers of 2021!

College Readiness

The Future is Now

While at Brown Summer High School, students will have the opportunity to hear from BSHS alumni about their experiences in the program and how it prepared them for life after high school. Students will hear from a diverse panel of college students about their pathways to and through college. Additionally, students and families are invited to hear college admissions professionals speak about the application process, how to choose a college or university that is right for them, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in college. These experiences are in addition to the resources and mentorship that BSHS teachers can provide throughout the summer and beyond.