Department of Education

Carlyle Vincent

Urban Education Policy (UEP)


Carlyle joins the UEP program after having taught fourth grade social studies and science for Teach for America in a Title I school in Providence. While working in her elementary school, she founded her school's very first elementary student council and is extremely passionate about student leadership! During her undergraduate studies at Brandeis University, she worked closely with the Breakthrough Collaborative in both Atlanta, GA (9th grade ELA teacher) and in Dorchester, MA (Middle school science teacher) as a teaching fellow. Following graduation from Brandeis, Carlyle taught high school and middle school English on a Fulbright Teaching Fellowship in Athens, Greece. Upon UEP  completion, she hopes to work in one of the following areas of education: in a school district level position, with an education non-profit, with the school improvement office, or work to help prepare students in the college application and selection process. When not working or studying, Carlyle is passionate about pastry making -- she worked in a bakery in Atlanta for a year making pies. She loves reading anything and everything related to education. She enjoys using film cameras and wants to learn how to develop her own photos in a dark room.