Department of Education

Daniel Marcelle

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)


My name is Daniel Marcelle. I recently graduated from Oberlin College and was awarded a History degree with a concentration in Early American and Indigenous Studies. While at Oberlin, I studied abroad at Trinity College Dublin where I expanded my knowledge of Irish and European history and immersed myself in European culture. Originally on a pre-law track, I was fortunate enough to take a teaching fellowship this academic year at the all-girls Catholic school, Academy of the Holy Names. There my passion for history and education was rekindled and I discovered the career path I truly want to pursue. All history is important and worth learning, but I am particularly interested in teaching students about the history of our country, the ways in which Indigenous peoples have contributed to that history and culture, and how students can use historical lessons as inspiration for creating positive change in the world. In my free time, I enjoy playing the Native American sport of lacrosse, reading, walking around campus, taking care of my pet tree frog, and meeting new friends.