Department of Education

Isabella Arreola

Urban Education Policy (UEP)


Isabella joins UEP from the University of California, Berkeley where she completed her undergraduate studies in Mathematics. In her time at Cal, she worked for the UC Berkeley Student Learning Center for two years, followed by the Athletic Study Center where she worked with academically vulnerable student-athletes. Prior to college, Isabella founded a sustainable after-school tutoring program providing free one-on-one tutoring to ESL (English as a Second Language) students at a local elementary school in her hometown in California. Over the last year, Isabella has been working full-time for an online learning company as a Mathematics Fellow, teaching math courses and developing the company’s instructor training process. During her time at Brown, Isabella is looking forward to expanding her theoretical knowledge, research skills, and practical experience in hopes of becoming an agent of change towards improving the efficacy and accessibility of educational policies and practices for the underserved. After completing her graduate studies, she hopes to apply the skills acquired in the UEP program by working for an organization striving to advance equity in education.