Department of Education

Kimya Dastoori

Urban Education Policy (UEP)


My name is Kimya Dastoori, and as a woman of color and first-generation immigrant I was blessed to receive a scholarship to attend the University of Arizona for my undergraduate career. While attending the university, I was fortunate to be provided with many opportunities that helped me grow, learn, and lead. Some of these opportunities included: studying Global Business abroad in the beautiful country of Brazil and interning as a merchandiser with one of the world's largest retail stores. All of this made me come to the realization of the success that comes with being afforded a quality education. Upon graduation in 2020 with a B.S. in Marketing, I decided to follow my calling to work towards educational equity and join Teach for America.

While pursuing my Master's degree here at Brown in Urban Education Policy, I am also teaching sixth grade Humanities full-time at Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy. My students are the perfect motivation and reminder to keep striving higher. Upon completion of the program, I hope to further research and enact policies that will positively influence communities like my own. I look forward to doing my part in bringing forth the necessary changes for every student to have a fair chance at opportunity and success.