Department of Education

Sara Montoya

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)


Sara Montoya Arango is from Bogotá, Colombia. She recently graduated from Brown, where she concentrated in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Ethnic Studies. While at Brown, Sara was part of the Bonner Fellows Program at the Swearer Center for Public Service. Through Bonner, she taught English classes to Latinx adults in Providence in partnership with Rhode Island's Family Literacy Initiative for the past four years, focusing especially on community building and challenging English-Only models in ESL classrooms. Also through Bonner, Sara served as Site Leader and Curriculum Developer for SHAPE (Sexual Health Advocacy and Peer Education) at Brown in partnership with Planned Parenthood, where she focused on translating and adapting sex-ed curricula through culturally affirming models for SHAPE's largely Latinx student population. Sara's academic research focuses on analyzing Latinx students' racialized and gendered experiences in sex education in order to craft a more learner-oriented and culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogical model she hopes to apply in her teaching practice. Sara is also passionate about art, especially painting with gouache and watercolors, as well as over-analyzing TV shows, photography, having picnics with her friends, and playing with her gigantic dogs, Beto and Matilde.