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Education at Brown

Our students are equipped with the necessary perspectives and tools to effect change in urban schools and systems both in Providence and beyond.

Our undergraduate and graduate students are well-equipped to lead with impact, whether their aspirations lie in teaching, policymaking, research, or educational leadership. Our academic programs are designed keeping in mind America's greatest educational needs and prepare students to work at all levels of the educational system to increase equity, accessibility, and innovation.

At the core of our cutting-edge research is our unwavering commitment to addressing inequality in schools. Our faculty at Brown University delve into issues such as inequalities in school access and student success, often setting the tone for the national conversation on these matters through their research and practices.


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Our need-blind Master of Arts in Teaching program and master’s program in urban education policy prepare students to address inequality in America’s cities.
Education Studies concentrators can design their own path by selecting from a wide range of courses, culminating in a senior capstone project.