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Sara Mickelson graduated from Brown's Urban Education Policy master's program in 2012 and is the Deputy Cabinet Secretary for the New Mexico Early Childhood Education Department.
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A study co-authored by Professor Lindsay Page shows that Asian American students — especially South Asian applicants — are less likely to attend Ivy League and other prestigious institutions compared to white students despite having similar academic and extracurricular credentials.
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Staffing Schools in Providence: Tracking Key Metrics

In this brief, Brown scholars highlight data-driven opportunities that build on the Providence Public School District's existing teacher staffing strategies, particularly around recruitment practices, and have identified where targeted retention efforts could be most beneficial.
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Ramona Santos Torres, a current Urban Education Policy master's student at Brown, is the Executive Director and one of the Co-founders of Parents Leading for Educational Equity (PLEE). PLEE is a parent-led, grassroots organization with a mission to fight for parent voice in education decision-making, and for access to a high-quality public school option for all children of color.
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A new paper from Professor Lindsay Page, along with co-authors Danielle Lowry, Aizat Nurshatayeva, and Jennifer Iriti, contributes to the literature on college financial aid and aid displacement by investigating whether the aid packaging practices of postsecondary institutions are responsive to the generosity of the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship.
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