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Our courses prepare undergraduate students to confront inequality, whether their careers take them to classrooms or boardrooms.

Brown's Department of Education offers a wide range of courses that cover a complex and fundamental range of topics, such as race, class, power, privilege, equity, and identity. These courses help students understand these issues in the context of American schools.

Undergraduate concentrators study the field of education in a rigorous, multi-dimensional way that allows them to apply questions of equity to real-world contexts, from internships to humanitarian work to educational work in schools.




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Brown’s Open Curriculum allows undergraduate students from any concentration to explore courses in education history, policy, analysis and more.

I found that Brown's education department was absolutely stellar, and I wanted to get involved with it as soon as possible. I had some experience with education policy and by having both the Open Curriculum and incredible faculty, I would have the opportunity to jump right in!

Rainbow Chen '21 Concentrator in Education Policy and History
Student in class

Opportunities to Engage

There are plenty of opportunities for undergraduates to engage with students in Providence schools through teaching, tutoring, after-school enrichment, and more.

Fifth-year Master’s Programs

As an undergraduate at Brown, you have the option to stay on College Hill for an extra year and pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching or a Master's in Urban Education Policy.

Education Studies alums go on to become impactful leaders in teaching, policymaking, and more.