Department of Education

Our Mission

The Department of Education’s mission is to understand and improve education through research, teaching, and practice. We are committed to a liberal arts approach to undergraduate and graduate education that emphasizes critical inquiry and reflection, broad and diverse perspectives, dedication to the public good, the interconnection of theory and practice, and a multi-disciplinary education that equips students to be thoughtful leaders and agents of change. As scholars, teachers, and practitioners, we aim to advance knowledge and to improve education systems, support student learning, and promote equity and opportunity through education, and to increase the representation of historically under-represented groups in teaching, policy, and leadership.  

Our Goals

  1. Produce transformative research. We aim to understand and improve education through high-quality and influential scholarship that makes a positive impact on real-world practice. 
  2. Prepare students to make a difference through education. We will prepare students to think broadly and deeply about education, to inquire rigorously, and to use their knowledge and skills effectively to make a difference in the world.  We will equip students with the tools and commitment to be leaders and change agents attentive to the needs of students, families, and communities. 
  3. Build community. We will foster a diverse, inclusive, and supportive community in a department united in its commitment to improving education quality and opportunity. 
  4. Contribute to Rhode Island. We will support engagement with and improvement of the educational landscape in Rhode Island’s urban core, especially Providence. Our students, programs, and our graduates should contribute to strengthening public education in the local area.