Department of Education


  • Jonathan Collins portrait Jonathan Collins portrait

    Jonathan E Collins

    Assistant Professor of Education

    Jonathan E. Collins is an Assistant Professor of Education. His research focuses on urban school reform, local politics, race and ethnicity, civic engagment and deliberative democracy. His research has been published in Political Behavior, the Urban Affairs Review, the Journal of Urban Affairs, and Local Government Studies.  

  • Andrea Flores portrait Andrea Flores portrait

    Andrea Flores

    Assistant Professor of Education

    Andrea Flores is a cultural anthropologist who specializes in the anthropology of education. Her research interests primarily center on Latino/a youth’s higher educational aspirations and experiences of social belonging. 

  • Matthew A Kraft portrait Matthew A Kraft portrait

    Matthew A Kraft

    Associate Professor of Education

    Matthew Kraft is an Associate Professor of Education and Economics at Brown University. His research and teaching interests include the economics of education, education policy analysis, and applied quantitative methods for causal inference. He studies human capital policies in education with a focus on teacher effectiveness and organizational change in K-12 urban public schools.   

  • Hilary L Levey Friedman portrait Hilary L Levey Friedman portrait

    Hilary L Levey Friedman

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Education

    Prof. Hilary Levey Friedman is a sociologist and expert on beauty pageants, childhood and parenting, competitive afterschool activities, and popular culture who teaches courses in the Department of Education at Brown University (where she is also an Affiliate of the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy). She holds degrees from Harvard University, Princeton University, and the University of Cambridge.

  • Jin Li Jin Li

    Jin Li

    Professor of Education

    Dr. Jin Li is Professor of Education and Human Development at Brown University. Originally from China, she received her B.A. in German from Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages in 1982. She earned her first Ed.M. in education from the University of Pittsburgh in 1988, her second Ed.M. in Administrative Planning and Social Policy in 1991, and her doctoral degree in human development and psychology from Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1997.

  • Susanna Loeb Susanna Loeb

    Susanna Loeb

    Director of the Annenberg Institute, Professor of Education, Professor of International and Public Affairs
  • John P Papay portrait John P Papay portrait

    John P Papay

    Associate Professor of Education

    John Papay is an Associate Professor of Education and Economics at Brown University. His research focuses on teacher policy, the economics of education, and teacher labor markets. He has published on teacher value-added models, teacher evaluation, high-stakes testing, teacher compensation, and program evaluation methodology. He has served as a Research Affiliate with the Project on the Next Generation of Teachers and a Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard.

  • Emily Kalejs Qazilbash Emily Kalejs Qazilbash

    Emily Kalejs Qazilbash

    Professor of the Practice of Education

    Emily Kalejs Qazilbash is a Professor of Practice in Education at Brown University. Dr. Qazilbash most recently served as Chief Human Capital Officer in the Boston Public Schools. After beginning her career as a teacher in Baltimore and Boston, she conducted research focused on issues of teacher quality and worked on issues such as educator evaluation, teachers unions, school reform efforts, and Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) programs. She holds degrees from the University of Virginia and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

  • David E Rangel portrait David E Rangel portrait

    David E Rangel

    Assistant Professor of Education
  • Diane Silva Pimentel Diane Silva Pimentel

    Diane H Silva Pimentel

    Director of Teacher Education, Associate Professor of the Practice of Education
  • Laura Snyder Laura Snyder

    Laura A Snyder

    Lecturer in Education

    Laura has come to Brown from the University of California, Berkeley where she is completing doctoral work and where she worked in a multicultural urban teacher education program. Laura brings a wealth of both K-12 teaching and administrative experience, along with research interests that range from issues around project-based learning to the use of drama in teaching literacy to preservice teacher performance assessment.

  • Tracy Steffes Tracy Steffes

    Tracy L Steffes

    Associate Professor of Education, Chair of Education, Associate Professor of History

    Tracy Steffes is Associate Professor of Education and History. Her primary research and teaching interests are twentieth century United States history, the history of American education, and political and policy history. 

  • Crystal Thomas portrait Crystal Thomas portrait

    Crystal Thomas

    Lecturer in Education

    Crystal Thomas holds a Ph.D. in Social Welfare from UCLA and currently serves as a Lecturer in the Department of Education at Brown University. Dr. Thomas has extensive experience working within academic interdisciplinary research teams and among public/private partnerships both in Los Angeles and New York City, among other regions. Her research utilizes both qualitative and quantitative methods to advance policy and programming, including the use geographic information systems and spatial analysis to illuminate regional trends.

  • John H Tyler portrait John H Tyler portrait

    John H Tyler

    Professor of Education, Public Policy and Economics

    John Tyler is Professor of Education, Economics, and Public Policy at Brown University. His research falls in the realm of impact evaluation in education, with recent research focusing on teacher evaluation issues and examinations of teachers' use of data to inform and improve classroom practice. Past research has been on dropout issues, the economic returns to the GED credential, the returns to skills for low educated individuals, and the impact of correctional education on the post-release labor market outcomes of criminal justice offenders. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the economics of education.

  • Kenneth Wong Kenneth Wong

    Kenneth K Wong

    Kenneth Wong is the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Chair for Education Policy at Brown. He has conducted extensive research in the politics of education, federalism, policy innovation, outcome-based accountability, and governance redesign (including city and state takeover, management reform, and Title I school-wide reform).