Department of Education

Overview of Courses

Brown’s Open Curriculum allows undergraduate students from any concentration to explore courses in education history, policy, analysis and more.

Our ever-expanding array of education courses allows undergraduates to explore fundamental issues of race, class, power, privilege, equity and identity through the lens of education. From introductory courses to advanced seminars, our classes examine how to teach for social justice, how students learn and develop, and how education policies promote or limit opportunity and equity.

Our faculty includes experts in teaching and learning, human development, education policy, and the history of education. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to the field, offering courses from perspectives in anthropology, economics, history, human development, political science, social work, and sociology, among others. 

We encourage you to engage in our wide variety of courses – aimed at students who want to teach, to become education policymakers, to enter non-profit organizations, or just to learn more about this fundamental aspect of our society. Many of our courses do not have prerequisites, allowing you to try an intermediate or advanced course in an area of interest. However, if you are just discovering the department, we recommend you consider one of the courses designed as an entry point to the study of education:

  • "Big Ideas" courses (0100 courses) — these courses are designed as accessible entry points to education for students from all backgrounds and they explore big and important questions in the field
  • EDUC 0300: Introduction to Education and Society: Foundations of Opportunity and Inequality
  • First-year seminars (0400 courses)
  • Sophomore seminars (0600 courses)
  • EDUC 800: Introduction to Human Development and Education
  • EDUC 1010: The Craft of Teaching
  • EDUC 1045: Sociology of Higher Education

Current Courses