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MAT Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are currently enrolled students who are selected as program representatives for the academic year. These students can offer their perspectives and insight on the program and the University and serve as a resource for prospective students. If you're interested in talking with them, please fill out the form below.


2020-2021 Student Ambassadors

Samsara Davalos Reyes

Samsara Davalos Reyes MAT'21

Samsara Davalos Reyes is from Houston, Texas, but lived in San Antonio while doing her undergraduate education at Trinity University. She most recently returned from Colombia where she was teaching English at La Universidad de Ibague through a Fulbright grant. Samsara grew up surrounded by vibrant, diverse, and multicultural immigrant communities. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants, and proudly identifies as a Latina, Mexican-American, and Chicana. Because of her upbringing in a predominantly Latinx community, she is fluent in Spanish, English and, her favorite, Spanglish. Throughout her academic career, her research has focused on Latinx parent-family involvement and resilience in the LGBTQIA community. Because of Trinity University's McNair Scholars program, she has had the opportunity to present her research at the Hawaii International Conference of Education and Presexualities Conference at American Sociological Association. Conducting this research and attending these conferences has informed her teaching philosophy and practice. Her favorite activities include spending time with her dog, Luna, cooking without following recipes, and challenging her family to eat spicy food and salsa with her.

Hannah Eckhardt

Hannah Eckhardt MAT'21

Hannah Eckhardt is originally from Newtown, Connecticut, and is excited to be part of the Brown University community. She has an educational background in both fashion design and creative writing, and hopes to use these creative skills to create a unique English classroom that utilizes student strengths and creativity. In her free time, Hannah loves to illustrate and write books for children and young adults, which she believes will allow her to further connect with each of her students.