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Alumni Outcomes

Urban Education Policy (UEP) graduates leave Brown with the skills they need to make a positive impact in America's urban schools.

There has never been a greater need for people who know how to leverage policy to improve educational inequality and outcomes for students. Enter: Brown's UEP graduates.

Using Data For Good


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Fighting for affordable, accessible and equitable post-secondary education

As a strategy officer for finance and federal policy at Washington, D.C.’s Lumina Foundation, Wayne Taliaferro UEP ’11 uses what he learned at Brown to make higher education more affordable for underserved populations.

Experts in education policy are in high demand in government offices, consulting companies, and non-profit organizations across the United States. With their expertise in data analysis, their real-world experience, and their particular focus on urban schools, Brown UEP graduates are uniquely positioned to lead with impact.

Career Paths

There are several emerging job opportunities in urban education policy, some of which include:

  • Data Analysis
    Education policymakers at all governmental levels increasingly need data-supported analyses to inform their policy decisions. UEP graduates leave Brown with an understanding of the world of education and the skills to design and conduct research and interpret data, perfectly positioning them for careers in data analysis.
  • Consulting
    Schools are increasingly turning to consulting companies to help make policy recommendations that would lead to better student outcomes. Brown's UEP graduates are the perfect fit for these companies, as they understand the complexity of the education sector and have the skills to analyze schools and school systems.
  • Foundation work
    Local foundations, community development centers, and reform support organizations are hiring more people who understand policy issues and can serve as intermediaries between the education sector and the community.

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How It All Works


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