Department of Education

Cost and Financial Aid

We offer generous merit and need based scholarships up to the full cost of tuition, living stipends, health fees and insurance.

Tuition for the 2021-2022 academic year is $7,618 per course or $60,944 for the eight courses required for the MAT degree. Tuition for the next academic year will be set early in the calendar year and generally increases by 3-5% each year. 

The MAT program awards both need and merit-based scholarships, with the majority of funds dedicated to need-based awards. All applicants will be considered automatically for limited merit-based funds. Applicants are encouraged to apply for a need-based scholarship by completing the MAT Institutional Aid form and submitting it with their application, and FAFSA including Section Four on Parental Income. (FAFSA is also the basis for loan eligibility, should students need to borrow additional funds). 


To financial aid documents, go to "Financial Information" on the left-hand menu in the application. Under "Program-Based Scholarships," upload the completed MAT Institutional Aid Form, and if needed, the Special Circumstances form. 

Although graduate students are considered independent for most types of federal aid, the MAT program does not recognize the status of the independent student in the awarding of institutional need-based scholarships, regardless of age, marital status, or the number of years in which they have been self-supporting. The policy ensures that institutional funds are allocated to students who have demonstrated limited family resources. Parental information may be waived in exceptional circumstances. Those interested in petitioning to exclude parental information should contact Diane Silva Pimentel for more information. Applicants whose FAFSA information may be inaccurate (for example, due to the loss of employment, or other recent changes in financial circumstances that would make past financial information inaccurate), can fill out the Special Circumstances form in addition to the MAT Institutional Aid form. 

For more information on federal financial aid, visit the University's Office of Financial Aid. If you have questions regarding sensitive financial information, please contact the Graduate School's financial aid office at [email protected] or (401) 863-2721.

Urban Education Fellowship

Students can also apply for the Urban Education Fellowship (UEF). As part of Brown University’s commitment to the local Providence community, the Fellowship offers loan forgiveness if the Fellow teaches for three years after program completion in a school in Rhode Island's urban core region. Only open to mathematics and science applicants.

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