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Alumni Outcomes

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) graduates emerge prepared to lead with impact, inside urban classrooms and beyond.

Upon entering the program, Brown MAT students join a powerful network of educators – including our distinguished faculty and a large and supportive group of alumni. Our graduates inspire learning and advance equity in urban classrooms and schools across the country and locally in Providence. They pursue leadership opportunities in the classroom, the community, and beyond. Early in their careers, many Brown MAT alumni become department chairs, peer coaches, mentor teachers, and professional development consultants. As teachers, educational researchers, school leaders, and community advocates, they work to build the learning communities that all students deserve.


secure teaching jobs within 3 months of graduation


still teaching after 5 years (rate is 54% nationally)

Teaching For Justice


Matt Lim shares his Master of Arts in Teaching experience at Brown

“ The MAT program was a great springboard for my teaching career. I learned teaching methods I still use in class every single day. ”

Sofia Dias MAT'17

Elevating diverse voices in the classroom

While at Brown, Sofia Dias MAT ’17 learned how to engage students in urban schools using literature from authors of color.

Graduates of the Master of Arts in Teaching program leave Brown feeling prepared— not only to teach but also to become education leaders, community advocates, and changemakers. 

Almost 100 percent of every MAT class is certified to teach in Rhode Island upon graduation — and many have the opportunity to get to work in Providence-area schools right away.

Wherever Brown’s newly minted teachers want to make an impact, their high expectations, strong academic preparation, and caring and collaborative focus will be in high demand. Between 2014 and 2024, middle and high school teaching jobs are expected to grow by 6 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Power of Mentors


Kashmeel McKoena shares his Masters of Teaching experience at Brown